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Benefit #1
DETAILED Forecasts for harbours, locations and coastal zones
Get the best shipping forecasts, including interactive charts, for planning your surfing, kite-surfing, sailing or trip out in your motor boat.
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Benefit #2
EXTREMELY DETAILED Offshore and Open sea weather forecasts
For ocean crossings and navigation, take advantage of METEO CONSULT's expertise with their extremely detailed forecasts, illustrated with graphs and charts.
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Benefit #3
Briefing with a
forecast expert
Talk to a forecaster to plan your sea trips with total peace of mind.
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Benefit #4
Forecasts by phone
Is your internet connection down? You can receive unlimited forecasts from our experts by phone - whether you're in France or abroad.
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Benefit #5
Peace-of-mind surfing, without ads
Enjoy a better organised site without advertising and full-screen browsing.
Benefit #6
Personal warning
Set the own parameters for your wind warnings: define a limit so that you receive a warning when this limit is likely to be exceeded.
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. Forecasts for Harbours & Locations
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. Full-screen browsing without ads
. Sea and ocean forecasts
. Briefing with a Forecast Expert*
. Seafax report for professional purposes
*Quantities vary depending on the duration of the subscription
** +33 1 77 86 86 86 : phone number for forecasts for France and the world, calls from France only – €2.99 per call