Telephone briefing

The Marine briefing is a dialogue around the bulletin, by appointment, based on a personalised study, to prepare your trips out to sea safely.

It is prepared according to the potential of your boat, to specify the conditions you will encounter as you progress and help you choose the safest starting window.

Please note: this service is reserved for pleasure boaters. For any request relating to a professional activity, contact us on 0033 1 39 28 19 90.

It concerns all areas for briefings included in the Lighthouse subscription and only sailings in Europe for briefings purchased individually or as a pack.

The service is available in French or English, by appointment from 9.00am to 6.00pm during working days.

NB: For sailing outside the European zone and route advice for competitions, contact us on 01 39 28 00 28.

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For any request concerning a professional activity or route planning, please contact us on 01 39 28 00 28.
* 0033 1 77 86 86 86: short number of forecasts for France accessible from France - €2.99 per call** 0899 70 12 34: number of forecasts for France and the World accessible from France - €2.99 per call