The business

METEO CONSULT is an operational meteorological study office. The climatic environment has been its main field of activity for more than 30 years.

METEO CONSULT's services are based on a high-level scientific team and advanced technical resources.

The company has its own specialist IT resources for preparing forecasts. These powerful systems, operated by a team of experienced meteorologists, are linked to supercomputers in the USA and Great Britain, processing data collected by the observation networks of the World Meteorological Organisation.

The information and assistance provided by METEO CONSULT cover all activities that depend on climatic conditions:
  • Maritime industries and transport
  • Building and public works
  • Sports events, leisure, travel…
  • Insurance
  • Agriculture
  • Media
  • Audiovisual productions

METEO CONSULT's services are personalised and interactive. The company offers forecasting services, meteorological studies and monitoring which are available in two types of services:
  • Studies: Climatology of a site, Simulations of maritime routes, Expert assessments, Economic impact, specific studies…
  • Forecasts: Vigilance, Consultations, Bulletins, Alerts, specific services…

METEO CONSULT is able to make forecasts within a few hours, from 1 to 5 days with a trend for 15 days, and broadcasts local, national, and international weather forecasts, as well as specialist maritime weather reports and snowfall forecasts, all accompanied by a reliability index.

These services are accessible by phone (audiotel answering machines) on 0033 1 77 86 86 86*, by email and fax (bulletins, weather reports, bad weather certificates) and finally on the internet, or

Bulletins, prepared by the research unit, are also distributed in the written press.

The vocation of the METEO CONSULT team is to provide its clients with results in terms of:
  • the economy: The impact of weather conditions, if properly managed, increases the profitability of the activity concerned.
  • efficiency: A decision taken at the right time translates into a "head start", and a quality result.
  • safety: When weather-related risks are properly assessed and controlled, an activity becomes safer.