GRIB files

What is a GRIB file?

It is a file containing gridded meteorological data, using a compact format according to a standard designed by the World Meteorological Organization. Thanks to its highly reduced volume, a GRIB file is suitable for internet downloading as well as mobile and satellite telephone downloading.

With large mesh, meaning the resolution is suitable for viewing large action centres on a GLOBAL scale, the main free data provider is the NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

With narrow mesh, meaning with high resolution to be able to analyse phenomena on a coastal scale, METEO CONSULT provides free predefined area GRIB files for its clients.

What are the limits of GRIB files?

While on an ocean scale, pressure fields, as well as wind fields, are useful to understand the situation, on a local scale, the most useful parameter to display is wind strength and direction.

Viewers cannot be currently used to assess the stability criteria of air mass and gusts. Possible forecast deviations cannot be displayed either. This information should therefore be considered as the most probable average value, however it cannot replace a standard forecast.

How should GRIB files be used?

Using a free application such as XyGrib, you can view the narrow-meshed file you have previously downloaded on the MARINE METEO CONSULT website and saved in a file created to that effect.

Using an advanced software such as TIMEZERO, ADRENA, SQUID or SCANNAV not only can you view wind fields, you can also calculate the best routes, for regattas for instance.

What are the advantages of GRIB METEO CONSULT files?

Thanks to the high resolution chosen by METEO CONSULT, you can predict the wind’s evolution taking into account local effects: coastline configuration and the effects of thermal winds combined with synoptic wind.

It is particularly interesting to analyse these conditions with low winds so as to find the best angle off the wind and benefit from local accelerations.

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